Thursday, March 19, 2015

Breaking Dragon by Jordan Marie



At one time, I had everything I wanted in life. Or I thought I did, but I lived in black and white. Then, he exploded into my world. Dragon.

He’s hot-blooded, cocky, stubborn as hell, and he drives me crazy. With him everything is more...It’s more vibrant, more exciting, more...real.

Suddenly I have everything to lose. In fact, I’m terrified that I might not be strong enough to hold on to it all. Because I’m learning with life, there are no hearts and flowers. Sometimes, there is just darkness. 

There’s one thing I know about life. You have to grab it by the throat and go at it full throttle.

Thrown away with the garbage on the day I was born, hooked on crack before I even take my first breath and doing what I had to do just to survive—

That’s who I am. 
I’m the filth your mother warned you about. 

The Savage MC is the only family I’ve ever had, the only ones I can depend on.
Then she walks into my life. Nicole. 
Nothing like what I expected, sassy, smart and sexy as hell. She’s everything I could want and more. 

Our worlds don’t mix. I’m only going to drag her down.
She should have never let me touch her…

Life can tear you into shreds, make you bend until you break.
Sometimes, you have to face death, so you can live.


Breaking Dragon is my first MC novel!
Detroit "Dragon" West is the most intimidating and intense Alpha male to cross my path.  His history is tragic and he survives the only way he knows how: with as little emotional ties as possible. 

Having been raised by patents who practically have ice running through their veins,  Nicole isn't easily swayed by Dragon. Their attraction is palpable,  but she's not interested in his money or title.  The logic of Dragon still being a stranger tends to push her desire for him to the back burner. 

I absolutely adore Nicole.  She's a riot and a sweetheart. There is always something to get dominate attention.  If it's not humor it is amazing sex scenes.  If not the sex scenes, the heavy emotional allure. Did I mention the sex scenes are AMAZING?  

Breaking Dragon is filled with action, heavily laced with humor,  and a love that kept pushed me over the edge. I'll read it time and again whilst waiting for the much anticipated Saving Dancer. 


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