Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Caelihn: An Otherworld Novel #7 by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Book Description:

I had always known moving to Eilé would be dangerous, and that I might die some strange, unnatural death. Mostly, I imagined eventually being hunted down by Mikael and Moira for another game of sacrifice the Lorehnin girl. Who would have thought I’d go out like this? A living, breathing lightning rod, calmly accepting my fate like some maiden meekly submitting to her martyrdom. I almost snorted. I guess I could start kicking and screaming if I wanted to. Then again, it might be nice to die with some dignity intact.

A few scant months ago Robyn Dunbarre, with the help of Devlin O’Brolaigh, managed to escape the claws of a sadistic Otherworldly mage with her life barely intact. Now living in Eilé, Robyn is eager to track down her Lorehnin roots. Devlin believes they should start searching among the Amsíhría, the women of the Otherworld with the power to appease Eilé’s wild, and sometimes volatile, weather.

On their journey to the Amsíhr Mountains, Robyn and Devlin visit Luathara Castle. The time spent with Meghan and Cade is meant to be a calm and relaxing break from their recent trouble in the mortal world, but Robyn soon learns that not all has been peaceful in Eilé either, and that the stubborn well of her own Lorehnin magic is finally ready to leave its mark on the Otherworld.


Robyn's story picks up a month after Lorehnin ends. It is a day before they begin their journey to visit Meghan and Cade at Luathara,  before heading to the Ashmire Mountains to learn of her heritage and hopefully find her mother.
Robyn's anxiousness regarding her unique magic and whether it will ever do her bidding grows daily. She was simply meant to live with Devlin and Enorah, Cade's sister, in the Wield. I have to admit that the more that is discovered of just how unique Robyn and her magic may be, the less I want her to go to Amsihr.  I'm starting to believe she was left in the mortal world for a good reason and things are going to be a little crazy.

I was uber excited about venturing into Eilé again and ecstatic about seeing Meghan and Cade.  Eilé has become a place of terror instead of the peace I had imagined after Cade and Meghan's HEA ending. Everyone is always tense and on their toes for the continous strings of catastrophe.  Regardless,  if you've missed Meghan and Cade as much as I have then you have to read this! They are in the story far more than I had anticipated.  Is this girl complaining? Not for one second!

This novella is more lengthy than it had originally been planned. Yet, something else you won't find me complaining over. It only means Jenna Elizabeth Johnson couldn't help including some nice surprises for her reader's.  It's a great little read for Otherworld fans.  I seriously wouldn't think of passing it up!

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