Friday, March 6, 2015

Insanity by Xavier Neal


When Clint "Grim" Walker left for elite training, he never expected the opportunity that was waiting. Suddenly the only thing he's ever wanted for his career collides with the only woman he's ever loved. Will Clint be able to survive his biggest challenge yet, or be left to suffer pure insanity?


Can someone please help me why this book is only 238 pages!?!? Please? It's one those books you never want to end. It is freaking amazing! I love how the author literally changed everything up. I love the first two books in this series, but Insanity shows how much she has excelled as an author.  

Insanity has the twists and turns to keep the prose interesting from start to finish. The allure of Clint and Haven's chaotic relationship is intense and oh so sweet. The progress they both make as individuals with more to contribute to the other partner in the relationship is beyond satisfactory. They are presented with opportunities to over come their nightmates, face their fears, and finally enjoy their life together. 

 Falling in love with Clint and loving Haven, and the rest of the family, more has been made possible with the release of Insanity.

5 Stars

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