Friday, March 6, 2015

Phoenix Rising (Volume 1) by Elise Faber


For Daughtry a simple brush of skin is devastating. With every touch her mind is flooded with visions of death. Then she is pursued by enemies who would force her to use those visions for their own gain. In an instant her entire world changes and instead of hiding from her life, she has to fight for the freedom to live it. But with the fight comes the opportunity to recognize her power’s full potential and maybe, just maybe, a chance to find her true love.



I am a picky reader who sometimes feels bored with the monotony I might find in some books. For me, books must be well-written, have intellectual elements of intrigue, and have heavy and light emotional atmospheres. I was reminded of my love for the written word through Elise Faber's 'Phoenix Rising. ' I have read through both books this series has to offer thus far obsessively.  I live for books like these!

Faber grabs my attention from the first page using the element of intrigue.  She uses vivid detail in describing Daughtry's ability to foresee and alter a person's impending demise.  How awesome is that? A couple of hunky men with mysteries make their entrance and I am hooked.  

I found myself flipping back to the point in the story where Daughtry and Cody meet several times.  The hot/cold attraction is irresistible.  There were moments, however, that the scenes changed from hot to cold so quickly I suffered emotional whiplash. The prose is so effective that it didn't bother as much as it normally would have and we don't see this happening further into the this story or the next. 

I love am an avid fan of the Fae and am delighted to reveal a new, amazing series to my fellow reader's.  I love the characters,  the mysteries,  the romance, and the fighting.  I have a new favorite author to stalk!

5 Stars

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