Friday, March 6, 2015

Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Series) (Volume 2) by Elise Faber


Black magic. Immoral monsters. Death. And bone-deep, soul-to-soul love with a green-eyed man hell-bent on owning every part of her heart. 

Daughtry’s life changed forever when she bonded with Cody and began to control her visions. Yet as she masters her magic, those very same abilities threaten to harm the people she holds most dear. 

When an opportunity arises for her to fix a past wrong, does she dare risk using her magic in order to set things right again? 

A soul sweeping darkness is lurking at the Colony, making the choice for her and threatening the world she’s built for herself. But Daughtry soon discovers that if she’s to have the future and love she’s always wanted, she must fight for it.



Dark Phoenix is the second installment in an alluring, paranormal romance series for which a reader can lose themselves time and again.  The prose effectively creates an atmosphere of intrigue and an  addictive romance between Cody and Daughtry. I honestly could not satiate my growing obsession with the male protagonist in this incredible fantasy world.  

A key component in the prose is of Cody and Daughtry's magic being stronger together through their bond. Unfortunately,  outsiders with magic creates nail biting tension of devastating proportions.  The character's vulnerabilities are methodically preyed upon in a manner that just might be the end of their soul deep connection. 

I've always adored the Fae realm and their stories of magic. Elise Faber easily made her way to my top ten favorite author's via this series. I take all elements of the story into consideration. I am, however, extremely particular about the allure of a story. Faber nailed it. 

Keep in mind that this series is strictly for 18+ readers! The explicit sex scenes will have parents agreeing...and sneaking away to live vicariously through Daughtry's perspective.  I've never been so jealous of a fictional character! 

Dark Phoenix is what I like to call, "book shelf worthy. " If I'm not going to read it more than 5 times I will not buy it. Look no further if you are seeking magic, romance, and action.

5 Stars

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