Thursday, March 19, 2015

Touch of the Irish Part 1, Dragon's Lair by Savannah Morgan


Eros has done it now. 
After a fight with Psyche, Eros went on a drunken rampage shooting his leaden arrows at perspective lovers. On Valentine's Day, no less! Now that he and Psyche have made up, Eros is scrambling to find some way to save his victims. 
Where does cupid turn for help? 
To none other than his ex-flame Aine, Goddess of the Faeries. Aine has things well under control until she realizes three names were left off her list of victims.

Now Candice Lipton, Samantha Porter, and Marissa Garcia are in need of a little majickal help from Aine, Queen of the Faeries, and her fey trainees.

In this first installment, we meet Candice Lipton, a woman having one helluva time, both professionally and personally. Alone in the city, she lost her job a few days before Valentine's Day. If that wasn't bad enough, on the most romantic day of the year. she walked in on her boyfriend, Ethan, in bed with his best friend, David. Oh the heart ache. Now Candice is trying to get her life back on track. Is it possible all she needs is a little help from Sheridan, a Pixie Faerie in training, and Drake Fallen, a smokin' hot Dragon with a few problems of his own? 


Savannah Morgan is quite the wordsmith.  Her talent and accurate description's are always welcome. The prose in Touch of the Irish part 1 is unique and effectively captivating.  The characters are humorous and believable. The sexual content of this particular novella is a little too strong for my personal taste,  but I have no doubt that more than most will will find it insatiable.  

Sheridan, Canice's fairy is my favorite character.  There were a couple of times I literally laughed out loud. The Morrigan and Aine are great for light-hearted bantering. 

What I find particularly endearing about Drake, the dragon king and the last dragon in existence,  is his kindness.  I swooned over him and respected him. That is particularly important to me with a male protagonist.  

I am extremely grateful that Morgan did not photoshop Candice's image. She's more than relatable.  She is realistic and I would thoroughly enjoy more realistic women in today's novels. Candice's bad luck is that of epic proportions.  I truly sympathized for her character.  Drake is exactly what she needed in her life. I wanted to do a victory dance when they met. 

Intrigue soars even higher when I discovered there is an amazing plot twist in the book. 
There is also no cliffhanger to dwell on. The next two parts of Touch of the Irish are about the other two females Eros thwarted as a result of his sulking tantrum. 

Touch of the Irish part 1 receives a well-deserved 5 stars! I admittedly wavered between four and five. There were just aspects of the sex scene I couldn't get on board with, however, they were sizzling hot and well-written. I also cannot wait to read part two! 

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